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"We take our cameras to the heart of every story and uncover the real human interest"

Our continued success relies on securing and retaining the best talent in the industry. Our crews are the best in the business but we are always in search of new practitioners who can take up the mantel and carry us forward to even greater heights.

If you are an established media professional and you'd like to work with us, please use this form to say hi and tell us about yourself. We will get straight back in touch if we'd like to know more or take a look at your resume.

We are also always looking out for the next great story or idea that will draw in audiences and open up debate. If you have an experience worth sharing or a fantastic idea that needs making please tell us about it using the contact form.



Below are selected highlights from our current development slate.

These titles are working titles.

Project content may change through the development and/or production process.



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